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Nice work. I'm not very interested in maps, though. Anyway, I appreciate all your effort, and you like to give you an advice. Give a try to the software Panavue Image Assembler. It'll match the borders of fragments of an image (i.e., several scans) and will recreate the complete image for you with no noticeable borders.
27 February 2010 - Madrid, Spain (Europe)

Jonathan | jonathan~AT~hipkiss~DOT~org
This site is costing me clsoe to 200 per year to host, mainly in bandwidth. In June it got 91,000 hits per day! Which amounted to 122GB of bandwidth! That doesn't come cheap. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate on the homepage to help me keep this site going, I'm now unemployed and will have to take the site down if I don't get any help. :o( If you like this site or use the maps on it then please help me!
18 November 2009 - UK

Tiina | tiina~DOT~sarja~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Hello, wondeful site, even Finland was found. Take a look, Nordic municipalities site there you can find old maps of Finnish cities (and other Scandinavian too)
29 August 2009 - Pori, Finland

Wonderful site, thanks very much.
30 April 2009 - Scotland

Rebecca | rh6300~AT~bristol~DOT~ac~DOT~uk
I have been studying the maps from The People's Atlas 1920 by the London Geographical Institute, however I am struggling to find out much about the London Geographical Institute and the makers of the maps. Could you possibly help with this info, especially the makers names and any other publication info mentioned within the atlas. Later maps by the London Geographical Institute appear to be from G. Philip & Son, a notable cartography company. I would also like to thank-you for making such a fascinating set of maps available to the public!
6 March 2009 - UK

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