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Rebecca Smith | becca~DOT~audra~DOT~smith~AT~live~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Hello, love the maps! Am going to put a link to this blog on my blog. Is it okay if I use some of the images for my poems? I'm writing a love poetry blog that is a journey to different places I've never been, and I like the idea of having old map images to accompany them. It's on wordpress at lovepoetryjourney if you want to see what I'm doing! Thanks.
25 April 2011 - Manchester, England

Webmaster comments   Yes fine, no problems, would appreciate a donation though ;o)

Dan | dsimons~AT~ljworld~DOT~com
i would like to buy a copy or high Meg image of one of you maps, is this possible, art for child's room
27 March 2011 - lawrence , Kansas

Webmaster comments   Sure, depends which one it is? Send me the URL for the one you want.

Hi, I don't really know much about maps to be honest but I thought someone might be able to help here. I'm looking for a replacement for my delapidated William R. Shepherd Historical Atlas. I was hoping to find something recently published (as in the past 20 years or so). Does anyone happen to know of an equivalent historical atlas? They seem almost impossible to come by.
25 March 2011 - London

Brett | drakegoodman~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Some very handy maps of the Great War battle fronts. I've taken the liberty of borrowing a couple for my personal reference and put a link to your site on my Flickr gallery. I have also dropped 5 into your kit via Paypal. Cheers!
23 March 2011 - Melbourne, Australia

Webmaster comments   THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Newmap | getpersonas~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Your site is very good.Thank you very much for add me in your site.
15 January 2011 - sihanoukville, cambodia

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