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Hipkiss' Scans of Old Maps - Books

Adam's Geography
9 Maps
Published: 1824
Publisher: T. Cadell
Atlas General Histoire et Geographie
39 Maps
Published: 1912
Publisher: Vidal Lablache
Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography
28 Maps
Published: 1912
Publisher: J M Dent and Sons
Black's School Atlas for Beginners
27 Maps
Published: 1866
Publisher: Adam and Charles Black
British Almanac
7 Maps
Published: 1902
Publisher: Stationers Company
Castle Line Atlas of South Africa
16 Maps
Published: 1895
Publisher: Donald Currie and Co
Centenary Vol of the Baptist Missionary Society 1792-1892
4 Maps
Published: 1892
Publisher: The Baptist Missionary Society
Central Scottish Coalfield
1 Map
Published: 1959
Publisher: National Coal Board Scientific Department
From Capetown to Ladysmith
1 Map
Published: 1900
Publisher: William Blackwood and Sons
Gallery of Geography
13 Maps
Published: 1846
Publisher: William Mackenzie
Gallery of Geography
13 Maps
Published: 1882
Publisher: William Mackenzie
Geographical Journal
27 Maps
Published: 1914
Publisher: Royal Geographical Society
Geographical Journal
6 Maps
Published: 1919
Publisher: Royal Geographical Society
Gerona Area Volcanoes
3 Maps
Published: 1906
Publisher: Spanish Royal Society of Natural History
Gilbert's Modern Atlas
1 Map
Published: 1840
Publisher: James Gilbert
Guide to South and East Africa
14 Maps
Published: 1914
Publisher: Sampson Low Marston and Co
Hand Book of Bible Geography
15 Maps
Published: 1870
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Heroes of Israel
1 Map
Published: 1894
Publisher: Thomas Nelson and Sons
History of Europe
6 Maps
Published: 1918
Publisher: Longmans, Green and Co
Holy Bible - Vol 2
3 Maps
Published: 1856
Publisher: Wertheim and Macintosh
Holy Bible
8 Maps
Published: 1899
Publisher: British and Foreign Bible Society
Jerusalem in Panorama
1 Map
Published: 1961
Publisher: Greek Convent Press
Keith Johnston's Physical School Atlas
18 Maps
Published: 1852
Publisher: Blackwood and Sons
4 Maps
Published: 1890
Publisher: Meyers
Land and the Book
1 Map
Published: 1898
Publisher: T Nelson and Sons
Land of the Bible
5 Maps
Published: 1900
Publisher: Ward, Lock and Co
Life of Christ
1 Map
Published: 1878
Publisher: Cassell, Petter and Galpin
Mcleod's Middle-class Atlas
27 Maps
Published: 1868
Publisher: Longmans, Green and Co
Michelin Guide to the British Isles
12 Maps
Published: 1911
Publisher: Michelin
Mitchells New Intermediate Geography - Pennsylvania Edition
24 Maps
Published: 1901
Publisher: American Book Company
Morse's Geography
1 Map
Published: 1813
Publisher: Thomas and Andrews
Naini Tal Guide
1 Map
Published: 1938
Publisher: Survey of India
Nories Navigation
16 Maps
Published: 1877
Publisher: The Admiralty
Our Earth and its Story - Vol 1
5 Maps
Published: 1887
Publisher: Cassell
Our Earth and its Story - Vol 2
8 Maps
Published: 1888
Publisher: Cassell
Our Earth and its Story - Vol 3
10 Maps
Published: 1889
Publisher: Cassell
Passenger Transport in Glasgow and District
4 Maps
Published: 1951
Publisher: British Transport Commission
Peoples' Atlas
51 Maps
Published: 1920
Publisher: London Geographical Institute
Pictorial Bible Atlas
10 Maps
Published: 1856
Publisher: Unknown
Pocket Atlas and Guide to London
23 Maps
Published: 1922
Publisher: John Bartholomew and Son
Portfolio of Ghana Maps
13 Maps
Published: 1965
Publisher: Survey of Ghana
Ramblers Guide to Haslemere Hindhead And District
4 Maps
Published: 1950
Publisher: Charmans
Sinai and Palestine
6 Maps
Published: 1883
Publisher: John Murray
Story of Islam
2 Maps
Published: 1909
Publisher: Church Missionary Society
38 Maps
Published: 1881
Publisher: Baedeker
1 Map
Published: 1904
Publisher: George Allen
War Illustrated
1 Map
Published: 1918
Publisher: William Berry

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