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Scans of Old Maps tagged with 'Apostles'

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Map Title Book Title Published Period
"Voyages of the Apostle Paul" Gift this map
Tags: (religious, bible, apostles)
600 DPI
Pictorial Bible Atlas (en) 1856 Time of Christ Unknown
"Travels of St Paul"
Tags: (religious, bible, saint paul, apostles)
600 DPI
Hand Book of Bible Geography (en) 1870 New Testament Hodder and Stoughton
"Acts and Epistles"
Tags: (bible, seas, mediterranean, religious, middle east, apostles)
600 DPI
Holy Bible (en) 1899 1899 British and Foreign Bible Society
"Voyages of the Apostle Paul"
Tags: (religious, bible, apostles)
1200 DPI
Pictorial Bible Atlas (en) 1856 New Testament Unknown
Tags: (canaan, palestine, israel, apostles, christ, religious, middle east)
1200 DPI
Sacred Geographie Or Scriptual Maps (en) 1671 Time of Christ J Moxon
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