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Scans of Old Maps tagged with 'Arabia'

North East Africa (1914)
Guide to South and East Africa Published: 1914

Language: en
Publisher: Sampson Low Marston and Co
Tags: (africa,
abyssinia, uganda, congo,
sudan, arabia, egypt,
nubia, persia, somaliland)
600 DPI
Turkey in Asia, Persia, Arabia, Afghanistan Etc (1866)
Black's School Atlas for Beginners Published: 1866

Language: en
Publisher: Adam and Charles Black
Tags: (turkey,
persia, arabia, afghanistan)
1200 DPI
Asia (1797)
Adam's Geography Published: 1824

Language: en
Publisher: T. Cadell
Tags: (asia,
arabia, russia, tartary,
china, hindoostan, persia)
1200 DPI
Africa and Part of Arabia (1868)
Mcleod's Middle-class Atlas Published: 1868

Language: en
Publisher: Longmans, Green and Co
Tags: (comparative,
mountains, rivers, africa,
arabia, madagascar)
1200 DPI
Empire of Alexander the Great (Time of Alexander the Great)
Atlas of Classical Geography Published: 1854

Language: en
Publisher: Whittaker and Co
Tags: (arabia,
persia, middle east, egypt)
1200 DPI
Near East - Industries and Communications (1907)
Harmsworth Universal Atlas Published: 1907

Language: en
Publisher: Amalgamated Press
Tags: (arabia,
india, east africa, china,
persia, burma, sian,
afganistan, asia minor, turkistan,
industries, communications)
1200 DPI

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