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Scans of Old Maps tagged with 'Arabia'

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Map Title Book Title Published Period
"North East Africa"
Tags: (africa, abyssinia, uganda, congo, sudan, arabia, egypt,
nubia, persia, somaliland)
600 DPI
Guide to South and East Africa (en) 1914 1914 Sampson Low Marston and Co
"Turkey in Asia, Persia, Arabia, Afghanistan Etc"
Tags: (turkey, persia, arabia, afghanistan)
1200 DPI
Black's School Atlas for Beginners (en) 1866 1866 Adam and Charles Black
Tags: (siberia, chinese empire, british india, siam, afghanistan, persia, arabia,
turkey, ceylon, japan,
corea, sea of japan, sea of okhotsk,
caspian sea, black sea, persian gulf,
arabian sea, bay of bengal, china sea,
yellow sea, celebes sea, east china sea,
nepal, beloochistan, seas,
gulf of aden, red sea)
1200 DPI
Mitchells New Intermediate Geography - Pennsylvania Edition (en) 1901 1901 American Book Company
Tags: (asia, arabia, russia, tartary, china, hindoostan, persia)
1200 DPI
Adam's Geography (en) 1824 1797 T. Cadell
"Africa and Part of Arabia"
Tags: (comparative, mountains, rivers, africa, arabia, madagascar)
1200 DPI
Mcleod's Middle-class Atlas (en) 1868 1868 Longmans, Green and Co
"Empire of Alexander the Great"
Tags: (arabia, persia, middle east, egypt)
1200 DPI
Atlas of Classical Geography (en) 1854 Time of Alexander the Great Whittaker and Co
"Near East - Industries and Communications"
Tags: (arabia, india, east africa, china, persia, burma, sian,
afganistan, asia minor, turkistan,
industries, communications)
1200 DPI
Harmsworth Universal Atlas (en) 1907 1907 Amalgamated Press
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