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Scans of Old Maps tagged with 'Cyprus'

Asia Minor Syria (Roman Empire)
Adam's Geography Published: 1824

Language: la
Publisher: T. Cadell
Tags: (asia minor,
syria, cyprus)
1200 DPI
Asia Minor (Roman Empire)
Atlas of Classical Geography Published: 1854

Language: en
Publisher: Whittaker and Co
Tags: (administrative divisions,
turkey, cyprus, syria,
1200 DPI
Syria (1841)
Gilbert's Modern Atlas Published: 1841

Language: en
Publisher: Grattan and Gilbert
Tags: (syria,
gaza, damascus, akka,
tripoli, aleppo, palestine,
administrative divisions, cyprus)
1200 DPI
Balkans and Asia Minor - Industries and Communications (1907)
Harmsworth Universal Atlas Published: 1907

Language: en
Publisher: Amalgamated Press
Tags: (greece,
cyprus, crete, administrative divisions,
balkans, asia minor)
1200 DPI

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