Scans of Old 'Egypt' Maps

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Egypt and the Wilderness (Time of Moses)
Hand Book of Bible Geography - Published: 1870

Language: en
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Tags: (bible,egypt,religious,moses)
Egypt (1912)
Atlas General Histoire Et Geographie - Published: 1912

Language: fr
Publisher: Vidal Lablache
Tags: (egypt,empire)
Egypt The Wilderness The Promised Land (BC)
Holy Bible - Published: 1899

Language: en
Publisher: British and Foreign Bible Society
Tags: (bible,egypt,palestine,israel,israelites,religious,middle east)
Aegyptus Egypt (1912)
Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography - Published: 1912

Language: la
Publisher: J M Dent and Sons
Tags: (aegyptus,egypt)
North East Africa (1914)
The Guide to South and East Africa - Published: 1914

Language: en
Publisher: Sampson Low Marston and Co
Tags: (africa,abyssinia,uganda,congo,sudan,arabia,egypt,nubia,persia,somaliland)