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Scans of Old Maps tagged with 'Haiti'

West India Islands (1892)
Centenary Vol of the Baptist Missionary Society 1792-1892 Published: 1892

Language: en
Publisher: The Baptist Missionary Society
Tags: (west indies,
islands, jamica, honduras,
cuba, haiti, puerto rico,
san domingo)
1200 DPI
West Indies and Central America (1868)
Mcleod's Middle-class Atlas Published: 1868

Language: en
Publisher: Longmans, Green and Co
Tags: (comparative,
mountains, rivers, guatemala,
honduras, salvador, nicaragua,
costarica, jamaica, cuba,
bahamas, haiti, dominica)
1200 DPI
West Indies - Greater Antilles (1907)
Harmsworth Universal Atlas Published: 1907

Language: en
Publisher: Amalgamated Press
Tags: (administrative divisions,
west indies, cuba, haiti,
jamaica, bahamas)
1200 DPI

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