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Scans of Old Maps tagged with 'Macedonia'

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Map Title Book Title Published Period
"The Balcan States and Rumania"
Tags: (rumania, bulgaria, macedonia, balkans, greece, crete, jugoslavia,
hungary, the great war, ww1)
600 DPI
Peoples' Atlas (en) 1920 1920 London Geographical Institute
"Athens and Macedonia"
Tags: (athens, macedonia, empire, town plan)
600 DPI
Atlas General Histoire et Geographie (fr) 1912 Circa 360 BC - 336 BC Vidal Lablache
"Macedonia Moesia Thracia et Dacia Southern Balkans"
Tags: (macedonia, moesia, thracia, dacia, balkans south)
600 DPI
Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography (la) 1912 1912 J M Dent and Sons
"Countries Prophetically Referred to In Scripture"
Tags: (britain, gaul, lombardy, italy, spain, asia minor, arabria,
libya, ethiopia, persia,
media, babylonia, chaldea,
syria, canaan, macedonia,
sicily, hibernia)
1200 DPI
Land of the Bible (en) 1900 Old Testament Ward, Lock and Co
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