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Map Title Book Title Published Period
"Sweden and Norway"
Tags: (sweden, norway)
600 DPI
Gallery of Geography (en) 1882 1881 William Mackenzie
Tags: (russia, sweden, norway, german empire, austria hungary, roumania, bulgaria,
turkey, greece, crete,
servia, italy, switzerland,
belium, netherlands, denmark,
united kingdom, british isles, spain,
portugal, black sea, caspaian sea,
mediterranean, seas, iceland)
1200 DPI
Mitchells New Intermediate Geography - Pennsylvania Edition (en) 1901 1901 American Book Company
"Sweden and Norway"
Tags: (sweden, norway, comparative, mountains, rivers, gulf of bothnia)
1200 DPI
Mcleod's Middle-class Atlas (en) 1868 1868 Longmans, Green and Co
"Scandinavian Kingdoms - Norway and Sweden"
Tags: (scandinavia, norway, sweden, administrative divisions)
1200 DPI
Harmsworth Universal Atlas (en) 1907 1907 Amalgamated Press
"Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland"
Tags: (sweden, denmark, norway, finland, iceland, scandinavia)
1200 DPI
Atlas to Guthries Geographical Grammar (en) 1805 1805 J Walker
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