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Scans of Old Maps tagged with 'World'

The World (1813)
Geography Published: 1813

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Language: en
Publisher: Morses
Tags: (world, atlas)
The World Drakes Circumnavigation (1914)
Geographical Journal Published: 1914

Language: en
Publisher: Royal Geographical Society
Tags: (world, drake)
The Old and New World Trade (1920)
The Peoples Atlas Published: 1920

Language: en
Publisher: London Geographical Institute
Tags: (world trade, the great war, ww1)
The World (1846)
Gallery of Geography Published: 1846

Language: en
Publisher: William Mackenzie
Tags: (world)
The World (1866)
Black's School Atlas for Beginners Published: 1866

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Language: en
Publisher: Adam and Charles Black
Tags: (atlas, world, rivers, mountains)
The British Empire (1895)
The Castle Line Atlas of South Africa Published: 1895

Language: en
Publisher: Donald Currie and Co
Tags: (empire, british, world, south africa)

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